10 Thing’s We Can’t Live Without

Start getting used to these because more posts will be coming soon. As you see the title of this post, i will be writing about 10 things i can’t live without. I could go with the obvious things that i truly could not exist without, like air, water, a beating, healthy heart-but where’s the fun in that? Without any further ado… Let’s get right into it!

1: My phone. I mean i’m always going to need my phone, i take it anywhere with me thats obvious. Its also important at times like emergencies but yeah first thing would be my phone.

2: My old skool vans. If you haven’t noticed, i’m obsessed with vans. They’re my go to shoes when i dont know what to wear. I wear them anywhere at anytime. They’re “my shoes”, i wear them literally every single day. I’m planning to get so many more as well lol.

3: My boyfriend/friends/family. Its always good to have people who support you and love you by your side. I can’t live without those people. I’m grateful for every single person in my life and they make me who i am. Also my parents and my boyfriend help me a lot and without they’re help i dont know what i would be right now honestly. So thank you fam, if you’re reading this.

4: Chapstick. Even though my lips aren’t always chapped, i always always put on chapstick. I love the feeling of my lips feeling fresh 24/7. I love putting it to sleep, i wake up with really soft lips. Also when the weather changes too much, my lips start to hurt and get chapped for some reason. My favorite right now is burt’s bees coconut & pear.

5: Mascara. I barley wear makeup, and when i do its for something real special, or if i’m going to a trip and want to take nice pictures. But even with mascara and a little bit of concealor under my eyes i’m totally good to go. But i can’t just not wear mascara, i’ll honestly look so different and weird. Especially if i’m wearing makeup and no mascara at all, like ew no! I rather only wear mascara alone, i love it.

6: Takis/hot cheetos. Girl…… Spicy chips are my faves! I kid you not, every single night i crave them and i make my boyfriend go to walmart and buy me some. We come back home and watch friends and eat hot chips, then we just knock out. I crave them so much its not even funny. I don’t care if it makes my stomach hurt, i eat them like theres no tomorrow.

7: Hair ties. Weird that i can’t live without them but i seriously get so mad when i can’t find any around me or in my purse. Worst feeling is, using your last one and it breaks while you’re trying to tie your hair. I loose them so easily that i have to order every 2 months from amazon a pack. Yes i have short hair but since its so short, it doesn’t stay behind my back and its always in my face.

8: Body lotion. From chapped lips to ashy ass legs. I’m not even kidding, my skin is so so dry its like a dessert up in there. Too bad it’s always my legs only… Like i don’t get it. Theres time where i put lotion on and then 5 minutes later i’m still ashy. Like girl really? And i’ve changed lotions and i think it’s just my skin honestly. But yeah i carry lotion around all the time. And i absolutely love putting them in my elbows and on my hands. I wear a lot of rings so having lotion on my hands makes them look so shiny and pretty, hahahaha.

9: Jewelry. I never used to care about the jewelry i was wearing but since last year i’ve been a little too obsessed. I threw aways anything that was fake and asked for new and real stuff for my birthday or christmas. So i got mostly everything pandora that i do not take off only for the beach or to shower, but its my everyday jewelry. And my rings i’m obsessed with. My boyfriend got me a promise ring and that’s when it all started. Then my mom got me 2, one for chritstmas that’s so beautiful and one for valentines day that has my birthstone. I got myself one from coach that has a little heart locket. They’re all different colors and i still wear them all together.

10: A charger. My first item was my phone. And if my phone is dead i can’t use it. I carry a charger everywhere, i always have one in my purse, i have a separate one for my car and another one in my bedroom. So all together i have 3 because i hate taking it off my plug and taking it everywhere with me and thats how ill end up loosing it so i just got three for every different location lol. Its kinda smart because that way i just won’t lose it.

Hope you guys enjoyed this little get to know me better post, and now you’ll know 10 things i can’t live without. Some are obvious, some aren’t as important but they’re everyday things i take everywhere with me.

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